Conference Topics

  • The new Circular Economy Package: Maximizing Resource Efficiency
  • Turning Waste into Valuables: the NGO point of view
  • Recycling Plastics from Waste: Fantasy and Reality
  • A new Approach: Market Access through High-Quality Recycling
  • Future Waste Treatment: Ecological and Economical Aspects



The plant of DEDISA

The waste management plant of DEDISA began its operation at 2004. It was initially designed to process municipal waste of about 70.000 tones/year. Mechanical treatment relied on two parallel processing lines. There was also the possibility of processing pre-selected waste that were entering through an independent line and were forwarded via a manual film. Manual separation of recyclables was only implemented.

The factory has been renovated and has upgraded its performance in 2015. The investment cost was of 6,7 million euro. The unit was upgraded to a mechanical treatment plant, aiming at 30% increase of production of recyclables. Production is currently 90.000 tons/year for mixed waste and 15.000 tones/year for “selected at source” materials. An optical separator, which is the latest development in the field, has been installed.

The unit achieves separation of solid mixed waste and can recover paper, film PE, HDPE, PP, PET.


6,2 t/h


1,19 t/h


1,06 t/h


0,69 t/h


0,91 t/h

It was delivered in December 2015. It is a high-innovative and crucial investment in the area that has a great added-value for the whole region of Chania.


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