Helector is an integrated waste management company providing solutions that span throughout the waste management sector. Helector, member of Ellaktor Group, specializes in the design, construction, technology provision and operation of waste management projects. Helector, through its German subsidiary Herhof GmbH, constitutes a technology provider holding unique patented technologies covering the entire spectrum of biological treatment applications (aerobic treatment & anaerobic digestion) while through its in house engineering team holds valuable experience in the design of complex mechanical sorting procession lines for recovery of recyclable materials. Helector’s credentials so far include among others 9 MBT facilities with a total capacity of 1.3 million tons p.a., 15 anaerobic digestion facilities with a total capacity of 300,000 tons p.a., 2 Material Recovery Facilities (MRF) with a total capacity of 175,000 tons p.a., 2 CHP plants utilizing landfill biogas with a total capacity of 32MWe (one of them being the biggest in Europe) as well as sanitary landfills with total capacity exceeding 45million m3 and adjacent facilities (leachate treatment plants) with a total capacity of 400,000 m3. Moreover, Helector recently completed the construction of the largest Mechanical Biological Treatment facility in Europe (Sofia MBT – annual capacity 410,000 tons), is delivering two new MBT plants in Croatia (total capacity 190,000 tons p.a.) while – in a joint scheme with Aktor Concessions – has signed the first waste management PPP in Greece (120,000 tons p.a.) which is under construction.

Helector is also an investor in the waste management sector having invested more than € 120mn in the last 15 years in private investments or concession projects as well as in investments regarding technological know – how. Helector’s total personnel amounts to 482 people and has presence in 7 countries. For more information visit our site en.helector.gr